Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Fees to Become USHIA Accredited?

Absolutely Not! Regardless of what some claim, we do not charge any fees for USHIA accreditation. The goal of USHIA is to provide an all-in-one resource for consumers to research Home Inspector companies before they do business with them and increase customer communication though third-party tools like so that a customer can have the best possible experience. We do have an option for industry leaders to sponsor our website in the form of advertisements on the bottom of our trust reports to help cover our expenses and joint marketing programs are sometimes offered to preferred partners, but this is unrelated to accreditation by USHIA.

What is The Purpose of USHIA?

Our goal is to provide a centralized report on businesses in the Home Inspector industry to minimize the amount of time consumers need to spend on before purchase research. We also provide a consumer driven review platform for previous customers to leave positive and negative reviews and surveys about their experiences. The USHIA also assists customers in dispute resolution in certain situations free of charge to resolve issues with businesses.

Do You Recommend Other Local Competitors on My Trust Report Page?

We try to remain a neutral third-party and give each company equal placement on their company trust report page. Having said that, we do allow companies in the Home Inspector industry certain advertisements across most pages of our site, which could technically be considered a competitor but in most cases they are offering Home Inspector related products and not services and these sponsors run their marketing site wide, not in a specific local market. We may also recommend preferred partner's with high trust scores on resource articles and other pages of our site, but not only on a specific companies trust report page.

Does USHIA Provide Home Inspector Training?

No, we are an organization that was developed for consumer use and protection. We do not provide any industry training.

Why Do I Have to Install Your Trust Seal on Our Website For Accreditation?

Accreditation by USHIA is free, but we do require the installation of our trusted seal AND a link to your report page to become a member. Our goal (Which should also be your goal) is to allow customers to easily share their experience with your company. The trusted seal and link allows customers to easily contact us and your business when filing a complaint or positive review. The seal and link must be placed on your website's homepage and preferably on the footer of all the pages on your website. The link to your trust report does not have to be Dofollow. Having a trusted seal on your website has been shown to increase customer trust, which results in higher sales for your business as well as a higher frequency of positive review submission which will give your business a higher trust score rating. You do not have to install the trusted seal if you are integrated with the service as most customers will be submitting their customer satisfaction surveys through this tool instead of the USHIA website.

How Do I Remove a Complaint Report From My Trust Report Page?

We do not remove complaint reports as we try to remain a neutral party and do not take sides.

What is is a tool that is used by many industry associations and websites to conduct after purchase customer satisfaction surveys. We highly recommend this service to business owners as it allows customers to have direct customer to business owner communications in the event any problems occur. Since this service allows customers to provide daily customer satisfaction surveys directly into our system, we give businesses that use the third-party service additional points when calculating our trust score rating of the business.

How is The Trust Score Calculated?

Our trust score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm based on public data retrieved from multiple third-party sources and positive reviews, complaint reports and surveys submitted by customers about their experience with the company. We provide the most weight to complaint reports when determining a business trust score as a complaint report submission typically indicates that the business was unable or unwilling to resolve a customer issue. We also put a higher weighting on surveys submitted through as they provide an ongoing time line of customer satisfaction and they are submitted by a verified customer right after their experience with the business.

How Do I Remove My Company?

Our goal is to provide accurate and truthful information about every business. If we have inaccurate information about a company, please submit updated information for free here. If you are a business owner and want to have your business removed because you have lots of negative complaints about your business submitted by your customers then we would recommend improving your relationships with your customers and providing a better product or service. We do not remove companies from our system unless the business is closed.

How Do I Become Accredited by USHIA?

Details about how to become accredited by USHIA for free and the process and application can be found here.

Why Does My Website Security Scan Status Say “Unknown” on My Trust Report?

This does not mean there are any issues with your website, it simply means that a recent malware security scan has not been performed yet on your website by USHIA. We typically only perform malware security scans manually when a website is suspected to be infected by a virus. If you are using the tool, a regular malware scan is provided automatically and this status will be updated and you would be notified by them if any issues were discovered.

Why Does My Website Security Scan Say “VIRUS SUSPECTED” on My Trust Report?

This means that a potential virus has been discovered in a recent malware security scan performed by either USHIA or the service.

If you have a question not answered here, please send us a support ticket.